About Me

Brion Salazar

Host / Producer / Talent

I’ve been a geek my whole life.

I started reading comic books around age 11, but even before that I was always a weirdo, a misfit, a stranger in a strange land. As I got older it got worse. Role-playing games, martial arts, video games, some light LARPing. It’s amazing that I found someone to love me.

As an adult it got serious. I started a comic book podcast (Around Comics) with my friends, got deep into the industry and even ran a small comic convention for a while. It took it’s toll. I was burnt out. I needed a break.

So I took one. But now I’m back and ready to “Knock out all you bums” as my friend Conor McNugget would say.

Get ready. Shit is gonna get real, stupid.

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