Season 1,
1 HR 54 MIN

E10: Do you even Fem Bro?

November 07, 2016

Sal gets back to work and comes clean about his newfound ecosexuality. Congrats go to the Chicago Cubs for winning the World Series but especially to one former Detroit Tigers fan. Top of the Stack features Shaolin Cowboy #5, Mayday #1 Bloodshot USA #1. Nerdrage of the Week delves into the Chelsea Cain situation, Fem Bros, penis shaming, Riri Redux, Frank Cho and Spider-Clam. Buckle up True Believers and try not to get your feeling hurt.


Top of the Stack

  • Shaolin Cowboy #5
  • Mayday #1 (of 5)
  • Bloodshot USA #1
  • Dr. Strange

Big Geek News

Nerdrage of the Week

    • F is for Feminism
      • Do you call yourself a feminist?
      • Do you even Feminist bro?
      • Men feeling guilty for being men because shitty men exist
      • It’s not all “comics” any more than it’s all “Feminists”
    • Riri Redux (snark not smart)



Listener Feedback

  • Great comics podcast! Around Comics is back-ish
    by cptbackfire
    A longtime host of the now defunct podcast Around Comics, Brian Salazar brings his one man take to Comics to our listening ears. Unapologetic and honest, listen to one man pontificate on Comics and rant about other stupid people ranting.

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