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EP03: Grind On

September 04, 2016

Big Geek Show S01E03

This week Sal take a look at Jim Thompson’s the Killer Inside Me #1, Star Wars: Han Solo #3, the new HBO show Westworld, Flash, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gotham, and the New Mutants television shows, Big Geek Battle, Nighthawk cancellation, PoisonIvyLeague, DC Spotify playlists, Wonder Woman ‘77, Ryan Locthe and FutureSTAXX.

Top of the Stack

Honorable Mentions

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  • Westworld on HBO
    • Terrifying and grotesque
    • I get creeped out every time I watch the trailers
    • makes my skin crawl
    • Already anticipating the feeling of dread when the first season is over

Big Beek Battle

Nerdrage of the Week

Signs of the Apocalypse

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