Getting Geeky......
Season 1,
1 HR 38 MINS

EP02: First you get along.

August 29, 2016

Big Geek Show S01E02

On another exciting episode of epic elegance Sal dives into deep waters. First on Top of the Stack TM he talks Drax #10, Thief of Thieves #34, and Batgirl #2. Get your Spoon ready for some Tick tv show love. Big Geek News features Suicide Squad BoxOffice magic, Vandalizing Soviet war heroes, Superhero Putin and a Agents of SHIEEEET. NerdRage of the week covers Chuck Dixon Cli non Cash, Superwoman is a Jerk, and guns for geeks. Finish off with FutureSTAXX and Signs of the Apocalypse.

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Top of the Stack


Big Geek News

Nerdrage of the week

Ship Wreck by Phil Hester & Warren Ellis


Signs of the Apocalypse


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